Raadwolves character art
and design

Theo Graziano - 27 year old artist in Phoenix, AZ. Specializes in furry art and furry-adjacent fan art such as MLP and Sonic.

I stream on twitch on saturday and Sunday.

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Commission Terms of Service

❤ Full payment must be made before I begin work unless otherwise stated.
❤ If you can't afford to pay up front, let me know. I'm happy to work something out with you!
❤ Please allow up to 4 weeks for me to finish your piece. I do art on top of working full time, so your patience is appreciated!
❤ If you would like to cancel your commission, I can offer a partial refund depending on the amount of work completed. If for some reason I have to cancel, the full amount will be refunded to you.
❤ Please be over 18! If you are under 18 I will need permission from a parent or guardian to work with you.
❤ Will do nsfw! ask me :)

Number currently in queue: 2

Interested in a commission? Please email me or contact me through one of my socials :)


❤ Bust - $20 ❤

❤ Half body - $30 ❤

❤ Full body - $40 ❤

❤ Ref sheet - $60 ❤

❤ badge - $35 ❤

Light & Shadow

A Sonic the Hedgehog fan comic exploring an alternate universe where Maria survives the ARK raid instead of Shadow. After fleeing in one of the escape pods, she finds herself in the present with a familiar face looking back at her. Maria and this other Shadow must come to terms with having each other back in their lives, as well as manage Maria's still incurable illness.

Read on tumblr or on Comicfury.